About Lily


Provides dynamic vocal performance in variety genre.

Piano/Keyboard Player

Provides piano performance from solo to band set-up.


Provides creative songs including tasteful lyrics in variety genre.


Provides creative music in orchestral to big band's score.


Arranges the original music to unique sound and vibe.

Music Teacher

Teaches voice, piano, guitar, ukulele, drum, and handbell.

Born and raised in Tokyo Japan, inspired in a variety of music genres from J-pop to American pop, jazz, R&B, soul, theater, movie, and video game music.

Graduated Los Angeles College of Music in 2019. Has a Bachelor's degree in vocal performance.


Currently lives in LA, offering her services world-wide, in-person and remotely.

She has performed for Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter Al Walser for his special Christmas TV production as his background vocalist. She also has performed with Westside star Austin Kolbe from NetFlix reality tv show.

She has performed at one of the most iconic live music venues House of Blues in Anaheim CA, and many other live music venues, bars & restaurants, cafe, and festivals.

She's been featured in Voyage LA and Camarillo news paper.