Lily JJ is a creative Japanese singer and songwriter. Her sweet and warm Alto voice melts your heart and let you have a valuable and precious time. In addition to being a singer and songwriter, she is also skilled at playing piano, handbell, and dancing. 

Born in Tokyo Japan, but grew up with American standard Jazz and Latin Jazz by the influence of her parents. Also in her childhood, she was into video games which has a variety musical style from Pop to World Music, so you can hear and enjoy variety style and sound within her music.

When she was a freshman, she toured many places in U.S. as a member of a Hand bell choir at her high school, and she was really inspired by American culture and music, and got a dream to be an artist in U.S. At the same time, she wrote a song for the Gospel choir at her high school, and this experience meant a lot to her and  make her want to express herself as an artist. After graduating high school, she went to couple music colleges, one is in Japan and the other one is Los Angeles College of Music in Pasadena CA. She majored in vocal at both schools, and developed singing techniques, skills of performance and songwriting in multiple musical styles.

She currently lives in LA, performing as a solo artist, with couple bands and ensemble. She has worked with Grammy-nominated singer Al Walser for his TV production as his background vocalist.